Personal injury

Personal injury refers to the damage caused to the body of an individual or due to physical or psychological injury. The physical injury can be as a result of accidents, use of defective products from the manufacturers and intentional like battering. On the other hand, a psychological injury is caused by things that affect individuals emotions such as defamation, work stress, abuse, discrimination, and harassment. Some of the situations where personal injury laws may apply include:
As mentioned earlier, injury can be as a result of accidents due to carelessness or negligence of the drivers. In this case, the accident can result in wrongful death or a serious injury to the body. When this happens, the law of personal injury applies and the affected parties can take action against the responsible person or party.
Intentional acts
Intentional acts can cause both psychological and physical injury. For instance, in the case of battery or assault, the victim of such suffers the trauma of both physical and psychological injury accordingly. In this case, if an individual suffers injury as a result of another person’s intention, he or she should take a legal action since this is covered under the law. 
Defective products
Use of defective products may cause harm to the user and in this case, the affected party is covered under personal injury law. In this case, a manufacturer of such products can be held liable under the law. 
Defamation is also a form of psychological injury and is covered under this law. Defamation is simply damaging the reputation of a person by falsehood claims or without substantial evidence. In this case, the affected or the injured is covered under this law and can claim for compensation. 
In conclusion, personal injury is a branch that covers individuals and the affected parties and seeks to compensate them for their losses. Therefore, any affected party or individual affected in the same way is covered under this law also referred to as the law of tort. Visit site for more information.